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Owning a multi-purpose Farm land in close proximity to SRI CITY Industrial Park, Tada and the Pulicat Lake, is a dream come true to those who love to live their farm dreams. 

We at RAAG HOUSING AND INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD. facilitate the same by making it simple and affordable.

RAAG presents a wonderful opportunity for you to own a farm land at Panchavati Farms, located in Pudi village at Tada, Andhra Pradesh, just 65 kms., from Chennai, with copious ground water and fertile soil.

Spread over 26.5 acres, Panchavati Farms has 90 Farmlands measuring 20 to 25 cents each. Compound wall on all 4 sides of the 26.5 acres protects the farm lands as well as whatever you may decide to have on it. Power Supply and Ground Water is available 24x7. Security personnel guard movement into the property, be it day or night. Labour force is available in nearby villages to take care of your farm land. 

Nearby farmlands are used for cultivation of Watermelons, Groundnuts, Tapioca, Ladies Finger, Bitter Gourd and varieties of Spinach. Most of these crops were also cultivated till recently in the 26.5 acres of Panchavati Farms. 

Panchavati Farms is located just 150 meters from the NH-5 which connects Chennai and Kolkata, and 1.8 kms., from SRI CITY, which is amongst the fastest developing industrial hubs in India. Residential projects are also available in proximity to this 26.5 acre site. These features enhance the prospects of appreciation in value of your investment in Panchavati Farms.

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